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Abstract:On May 24, 2018, Chairman Youyu Zhu and Iris Bina visited Liangshan for the fourth time with Ruilian Yang, Libing Yang, and Chi Liu of XDMS Group. The main goal...

On May 24, 2018, Chairman Youyu Zhu and Iris Bina visited Liangshan for the fourth time with Ruilian Yang, Libing Yang, and Chi Liu of XDMS Group. The main goal for this visit was to get to know the children and the elderly in the area, and provide support however possible.

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During Chairman Zhu’s journey, he emphasized that everything WHAO sets out to do should not be for attention or praise, but it should be to actually improve the lives of the those in need. His insight highlighted WHAO’s passion, helping those in need. His passion to make a positive impact to society led him to found the World Human Accountability Organization.


Youyu Zhu, along with the president of Butuo hospitals, and the chair of XDMS Group help station Hongxia Deng, donated 50 computers to the local government and hospital. This donation was made in the hopes of improving the working conditions there, and to encourage the environmentally friendly option to use less paper.  Along with education and the environment, the laptops were presented as a gift to thank the local governments for their unwavering support to charities in their area. It shows that the WHAO and XDMS Group always persevere and keep the mission at the core.

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Mr. Zhu visited various families that belong to the WHAO poverty alleviation project. He heard from every household to gain a deeper understanding of their situations.


Each family has their own difficulties, and with that, a beautiful story to tell.  

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Afterwards, the WHAO team met the first family we sponsored at the local health center.

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The frail mother and two of her young children were wearing relatively clean clothes to meet the WHAO team and the XDMS Group representatives. When the two children met our staff, they put down guards and treated us as their family.

While most 16-year-olds spend their days focused on leisure and education, there are many children who are forced to fend for themselves and their families. The head of the XDMS Group Help Station, Hongxia Deng, offered a young girl an opportunity to join a crafts school. The girl worked tirelessly to keep her family afloat, but always had a dream of completing education. This opportunity is a chance for her to live her dream of being educated.

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The girl in blue is shy and polite, everyone in her community likens her to pure camellia. She is also one of the first to be sponsored by WHAO. She is constantly seen with a smile on her face, and is known to bring joy to whoever she interacts with. Many are unaware of the struggles she continuously faces. Chairman Zhu made sure to hug her and to encourage her to keep going.

The chairman could not stop thinking about his last visit to the orphanage as many children did not get the chance to have dumplings.

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On a hot summer day, WHAO brought ice-cold watermelon and a big dinner for the children. The children expressed gratitude by singing a song to Chairman Zhu and the Communist Party in China.

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The WHAO team finished their journey on a beautiful summer night. The United Nations 2030 Agenda has kept us inspired to do all we can to make the world a better place for future generations.

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“ Dedicated towards building a better tomorrow ”